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Green Life Energy GLE Ltd is aiming to change how businesses and everyday communities handle their energy needs and payment systems. We intend to show the renewable energy trade about the value of the blockchain in connecting with clients, engaging new interests and creating a cleaner world.

Green Life Energy GLE Ltd is Committed to:
  • Zero Carbon Electricity & Ecological Fuel
  • E-mobility & Infrastructure
  • Global Green Energy Production
  • Waste-to-Energy Directives (e.g. Biofuel, Biogas, Biodiesel)
  • Mass Reforestation and Restoration of Biodiversity
  • E-Mobility & Infrastructure initiatives to reduce inner-city pollution
Green Life Energy


Green Life Energy GLE Ltd is a decentralised, blockchain-based company working within the renewable energy and carbon offset sector that bridges the disconnect between Web3 utility and traditional industries. We do this through our digital carbon marketplace and ReFi (Regenerative Finance) payment platform and supporting utilities.


Through the blockchain, we're tackling the obstacles that separate cross-industry innovation and market growth. Blockchain technology provides decentralized, securely encrypted data and value transfer with low operation costs. Through the immutability of the chain, we can reduce fraud, increase safety and validate the nature of transactions. By applying this model to renewable energy traders, carbon offsets and renewable models, systemic efficiency increases for the target industry, and parties can be held accountable for their transactions on an open ledger.


"I discovered this company by chance one year ago while searching YouTube videos for new crypto investment opportunities. Being in the environmental field, my initial interest was piqued by the Company’s goals and mission, and I made my initial investment. I then joined the company’s Telegram channel where I had the pleasure of directly interacting with John Wood, the Founder/CEO, and most of the other Team Members. Additionally, the GLE Community and investors that I have had the opportunity to interact with regularly, are some of the best that I have ever had the pleasure of being associated with.  Based on the company’s transparency, the Team’s successful implementation of their goals stated in their Roadmap to date, the unique business model and ecosystem that they are building and Mr. Wood’s passion for making this company successful, I had the confidence to significantly increase my investment in the company.  I eagerly look forward to the success of GLE by becoming a major player in the ReFi and Renewable Energy financial sectors while at the same time helping the world to become a better, cleaner place to live in!"
"Investor since day one! I was overwhelmed by the passion, power and transparency of our CEO. He is crazy enough to make a real change for a better tomorrow worldwide! GREEN LIFE ENERGY got the potential and utility to make that happen! GLE will be known all over the world! I am excited and honoured to be a part of this journey! “If your dreams don’t scare you - they ain’t big enough!”
“John and the team’s vision at GreenLife Energy is second to none. The utilities this company bring I look forward to the world finding out about them and the positive change GLE will bring to this world.”
“I believe that GLE is a groundbreaking concept that merges blockchain with renewable energy and green-systems. The final ecosystem built will benefit the world in many ways... from charging electric cars and renting e-scooters, to affordably powering my home. Beyond that, I'm most excited about helping disadvantaged communities with micro-grids around the world! Green Life Energy GLE is the future, and I'm excited to be part of it!.”
GLE Jimbo

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22 November, 2022

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