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Our main goal is to save the planet by using the blockchain. We aim to give back to communities all over the world by using renewable energy & Recycling


GLE smart contract audit was carried out to ensure functions as intended and identify potential security issues with the smart contract.


Q 1

  • E-Mobility Roadmap 2023

  • Receive, test and market the prototype E-Scooter

  • Open Negotiations for Mass Production of GLE-Mobility with our Providers

  • E-Mobility App Alpha (Internal Testing)

  • Discussions with companies, campuses and resorts for implementation of GLE-Mobility

  • GLE-Mobility Rental

  • E-Scooters to become available on the retail store

  • GLE-Mobility App Released

  • Public Expansion for E-mobility to Domestic and International Bodies

Q 1

  • Biomass & Roadmap 2023

  • Begin Biomass Production Operations under $GLE

  • Identify and expand client base to draw business towards our biomass operations

  • Purchase of new equipment to expand capacity

  • Expansion of owned land to increase storage

  • Offer $GLE buybacks using revenue from utilities

  • Acquire our own Biomass/Recycling Yard

  • Implement Reforestation initiatives based on revenue per year to replant trees

  • Harvest carbon credits from trees

  • Carbon Credits to be sold on the European Market